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This section is intended to familiarize you with the prophet (peace be upon him) through his words.

Hadith is the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad, it is considered along with the Quran the main sources of all Islamic Laws. The following are moral characters and values that The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have encouraged through his words and teachings to all Muslims. For each Character we brought 1 to 4 sayings only, there are many more if you want to search the full collection of sayings. The Quotation in the end of each Hadith is for references of the source.

  1. Moral Values in the words of the prophet.
  2. Words of Wisdom.
  3. Divine Hadith Software FREE.
  4. Hadith Search
  5. Hadith Books full collections: "These are large files"
    bullet Bukhari Collection
    bullet Muslim Collection
    bullet Malik Collection


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