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About The Discover Islam Project:

Islam is probably the most misunderstood religion in the world and the main reason is the lack of accredited information about Islam. This page is designed to help you  better understand Islam & The Muslims. We hope that this site will help the American Community establish a better relationship with the Muslims, based on true understanding and appreciation for what the Muslims are offering and giving the American Community.

The Islamic Education & Services Institute through it web sites provide information and education about islam for muslims and non muslims alike, some of our services are:

bulletUnderstand Islam Free Mailing programs: in which any non Muslim and new Muslims can request a package about Islam TO BE MAILED TO HIS/HER HOME DOOR free of charge.
bulletKnow The prophet web site read about prophet Muhammad, his life, sayings, actions and order a free information package about him if you would like.
bullet The Islamic Online library: with over 1000 pieces of literature readily accessible at any given time.
bullet Islamic Knowledge Test: A simple test for your information About Islam.
bulletBest tools to learn the basics about islam in just minutes.
bulletBrochures to teach about Islam
bulletBooklets to teach about Islam.
bulletWeb sites to teach about islam.
bulletServe the general American population by providing them with FREE  educational materials about Islam and Muslims, through events, lectures, interfaith, media articles, interviews, dialogues, books donation to libraries and schools, and much more.
bulletVolunteering at community events and services such as: culture fest, soup kitchen, the public library (story time), and discovery museum children’s activities.
bulletBeing a member in various social and diversity groups like the women council on diversity.
bulletReaching out to different churches, and synagogues in the Chattanooga area through interfaith and dialogues.
bulletOrganize educational seminars for the Muslim community.

Best Books & Tools

  1. This Is Islam: a powerful audio, video flash movie.
  2. Islam in Focus: a comprehensive book about islam.
  3. A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam
  4. Islamic Knowledge Test: A simple test for your information About Islam.
  5. Islam Vs Christianity Sacred texts: Just the sacred text highlighting the top moral characters we have.
  6. Discover Islam information Newsletter
  7. Miracles Of The Quran Flash: a visual presentation about the miracles in the Quran.
  8. Understand Islam: a slide show
  9. Educational Mailing programs: the IESI provides the Non Muslims with free books, booklets, and brochures about Islam by mail, request you copy here.

If you live around Chattanooga, TN, we encourage you to visit The Islamic physical library @ 7814 Shallowford rd.

Brochures to teach islam

bullet  About Ramadan
bullet Concept Of God In Islam
bullet Concept Of prophethood in Islam
bullet Concept of worship in islam
bullet Human Rights in islam
bullet Islam at a glance
bullet Islamic Celebrations
bullet Islamic Virtues from the Quran
bullet Living together in Islam
bullet Moral system in islam
bullet Muslims Contribution to civilization
bullet Muslims In America
bullet Non muslims in muslims history
bullet Polygamy in Islam
bullet The Question of hijab
bullet The sword of Islam
bullet What did some non muslims have to say about Islam (a brochure
bullet What did they say about Muhammad?
bullet What does Islam say about Terrorism
bullet Women liberation through Islam

Booklets to teach islam

bullet Fasting
bullet The Amazing Quran
bullet The Status of women in Islam
bullet Women dress in islam
bullet God is One

Web Sites to teach Islam

For more information about Islam or to read more we suggest the following sources:

  1. The Online Library which has over 1200 books and brochures about Islam.
  2. Discover Islam
  3. Discover-Islam-Online
  4. Know The prophet web site
  5. Discover Islam, Bahrain

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