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Any group, organization, association and center across the world can elect to join this Campaign.


Current Partners:




Advantages & Rewards


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No Partners related sites.

By joining our campaign you pledge to:

  1. Announce your support as a group to this campaign.

  2. Help us spread the world about the campaign through your group.

  3. Link to this site on your web site if you have one.

  4. Help us distribute the campaign flyers and literature in your community.

Advantages and rewards:

  1. The partner must understand that this is a non profit project, the main reward is to spread the cause of the project and educate people about the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

  2. A Link back to your home page on our partners page.

  3. Your contact on our partners contact list, if you elect to.

  4. A Zip file that will have all of our publications about the prophet 9peace be upon Him), so you can print them at your office or local printing shop.

Other sites:

This is a list of sites exclusively about the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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