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Welcome to Order Know The Prophet free Islam information package order page.

The package will include a collection of flyers, brochures and/or The Islamic CD, depending on availability. See the full list now. We will ship items depending on availability and some other factors. If you need a specific (items) please email us.

This is a FREE package, it will only be mailed to those who complete the form below, live in the United States of America and are not muslims, all others will receive the e-format.

If you want the package for reprinting format please ask for the e-format delivery..

Please provide ALL the following information, uncompleted forms will not be processed, only USA requests will be honored:

Full Name


Male Female
Address (enter street, apt #, city, state , zip code, ONLY USA ORDERS PLEASE)
Information Format
On paper (via mail) E-format (via email)
Home Phone

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