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This is the easiest way to reach out with the message..

Gather a team:

Depending on the size of the distribution you may need a team that can support your work by volunteering time and money. So make sure you have the resources to do the job you want to do it.

Decide along with your team which flyers you want to use:

You need to find flyers or brochure that is will written and easy to understand in language and contents, the literature needs to be simple yet complete. we suggest the flyers this campaign has prepared, but you can use anything else.

Decide where and how many flyers you want to distribute:

Decide the place to distribute your flyers, some suggestions are:


Local universities and colleges.


Cross roads.


Insert in local newspaper.


Your school.


Your work.



Then figure out how many you need to print or order.

Seek permission:

Make sure you have permission to distribute the flyer if your location, local, state laws requires it.

During the distribution:


Dress nice.


Be polite.


Do not force the flyer on anyone.


if you are in a public place make sure you have someone with you, as it looks stronger and it is more secure.


Have enough literature with you.

After the distribution:

Send A Thank You Note to those who have helped you.

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