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A mosque open house is an effective way to open the channels of communication between the Muslim community and people of other faiths. By inviting others inside the mosque, the Muslim community help dispel much of the mystery that surrounds their faith and offers others the opportunity to talk and meet with Muslims on a more personal level.

How to Arrange a Mosque Open House:

Talk to your local community about the importance of building relationships with people of other faiths and projecting a positive image of Islam and Muslims.

  1. Recruit volunteers that can help plan an event that will showcase the true essence of Islam.

  2. Invite community leaders to the mosque, making sure to include religious leaders, community activists and government officials. Send personal letters of invitations and follow up with phone calls. Invite the residents who live near the mosque as well.

  3. Publicize the event in the local newspapers through media advisories.

  4. Inform your guests about the proper etiquette when visiting a mosque. Most people do not intend to be disrespectful so prevent potential embarrassing situations by educating them about the rules of the mosque beforehand. For example, explain to them that the mode of dress for the event should be modest. Explain to them the essentials of prayer and stress the solemnity of the occasion.

  5. Cleanliness is half of your faith so make sure the mosque is clean. Walls, floors, carpets, and bathrooms should be spotless. Mosque administrators can organize a “Mosque Clean up Day” prior to the event to assure everything is in order.

  6. Set up a reception area where guests can be welcomed and served refreshments. Have greeters at the door to receive guests and direct them to the appropriate area.

  7. Literature that is made available should be carefully selected to represent what lies at the heart of Islam: peace and one's relationship with God. Avoid political literature.

  8. Assign appropriate greeters and hosts, choosing people who have outgoing personalities and know how to interact with people of other faiths. Make sure all guests are warmly received and given name tags.

  9. Post helpful signs indicating the different entrances to prayer all, if applicable.

  10. Most importantly, pray for greater understanding through this endeavor.

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